​What is the difference between “life coaching” and “therapy”?

Life Coaching focuses on motivating you towards reaching your goals/creating action plans, boosting your confidence, and moving forward in your life. Therapy tends to focus on digging deeper into the conscious and subconscious mind and into your past (helping you process past issues/traumas/emotional stressors). Unlike therapists, life coaches are unable to give any medical diagnoses or treatments. Thus, life coaching sessions are not covered by your insurance. Both professions have similarities, but coaching and therapy shouldn’t be used interchangeably.


What’s your “niche”?

Within the life coaching professional, there are MANY different niches/areas of focus to choose from. I have chosen the transformational niche, and more specifically, I am focusing on providing Victorious Living Solutions for millennial women. Transformation focuses on empowering people by helping to change the way that they see themselves. Since I am also a Christian coach, I am focusing on helping millennial women to see themselves the way that God sees them.


What is the difference between Christian coaching and regular life coaching?

In my opinion, the main difference is that Christian coaches are interested in helping you to reach your goals, just like any other coach, but they are also interested in helping you to define (and stay in the center of ) God’s will for your life.

Where do your coaching sessions take place?

1:1 Coaching sessions will take place primarily via phone or Skype. Group Sessions are primarily done in person (libraries, coffee shops, church, & etc), but can also take place via phone or Skype if necessary.

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