Author/Life Coach/Speaker

Nikeya Young is an indomitable force of joy, strength, wisdom, and ambition! She is a multi-talented woman with a strong desire to use her gifts to make a positive impact in the lives of many. In the Spring of 2017, Nikeya took her first step towards doing just that. She became a Certified Holistic Life Coach. Then in October of 2017, Nikeya released her debut book “Virtue Chic: Classy Takes Center Stage”. The book is a MUST READ for Christian millennial women! Nikeya continued to educate herself in the life coaching field, earning the Master Life Coach certification in 2018. A natural in front of an audience, Nikeya is a knowledgeable speaker who is sure to captivate any audience and inspire them to live VICTORIOUSLY!


In 2013 Nikeya released her debut album Victorious One. The Gospel Pop/Hip-Hip album was executive-produced by Nikeya and her husband, Rodney Young Jr. Victorious One was well-received, earning Nikeya a Contemporary Female Artist of the Year nomination in the 2014 Chicago Gospel Music Awards. Over the years, Nikeya’s milk-smooth background vocals/arrangements, and fiery rap verses have been featured on several projects of various Christian recording artists in the Chicagoland area.


Nikeya’s talents don’t stop at singing/songwriting! She is also an agency-signed On-Camera/Voice-Over/Print talent, and a member of SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actor’s Guild/American Federation of Television & Radio Artists). Her national television appearances include: The Steve Harvey TV Show (Nikeya made history as one of the 1st plus-size models to appear on the show during Season 1), NBC’s Chicago Fire (Episode 107), and TV One’s Find Our “Missing” (Nikeya portrayed Tamika Anderson who has been missing since 2010, in Episode 206).

Renaissance Woman

As a fashion blogger, Nikeya has been featured in several media outlets such as: Chicago Tribune, PLUS Model Magazine, Examiner.com, and USA Today. She has also launched a blog, virtuechic.net , that merges her faith, love of fashion, and desire to bring being “classy” to center stage! Nikeya Young possesses a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Child Development) from DePaul University, and a Master of Arts in Special Education. For nearly 5 years, Nikeya served as a Special Education Teacher for Chicago Public Schools in various public and charter schools, before trading in the classroom to pursue other endeavors. Still, she credits her years as an educator for perfecting her authoritative presence in front of an audience, and her ability to help others maximize their full potential. With a wealth of gifts, talents, and life experiences to pull from, Nikeya is blossoming into one of Chicago's "go to" motivational speakers for young adults, women's groups, aspiring actors/models, and career-changers, or as Nikeya likes to call them, "passion seekers"! 

Nikeya is happily married to Rodney Young Jr. The couple resides in the South Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois with their adorable young son Rodney Young III (“R3”).


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