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My Testimony

My name “Nikeya” actually means “Victorious One” or “Victory of the People” in Greek. And BOY have I earned that name! In short, I am a walking miracle! My mother had 5 miscarriages before I was born. When I was 14, she passed away after facing complications from Lupus. Throughout the course of my life, by the grace of God, I have overcome numerous circumstances and situations that were fashioned by the enemy to cause me to want to give up, doubt God, and doubt myself. But nevertheless, I persisted.


I know what it’s like to grow up in the projects raised by a single mother (and feel the lowered expectations of MANY due to this circumstance, which was out of my control). I know what it’s like to be bullied/underestimated, have low self esteem, lose my mother at the age of 14, be suicidal, deal with narcissistic/emotional abuse from family members, face heartbreak, and more...all before my 19th birthday. But I ALSO know how LIFE CHANGING a relationship with God and “mustard seed faith” can be! And because of that, I have been able to pivot and live VICTORIOUSLY!


My story is still being written, but my life looks so drastically different now than it did 20 plus years ago! I am truly blessed, and now I am making it my life’s mission to assist other leaders in designing their victorious life as well!


"My sessions with Nikeya helped me gain a better understanding of myself through knowing my strengths and spiritual gifts. Her enthusiastic and supportive style guided me to be more influential in my business and with my church community. She motivates you to act and change negative thoughts patterns to positive ones. I highly recommend her as a life coach."

Deaneen Merritt

Virtual Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer



Now available for Women's Conferences, Retreats, Panel Discussions, Colleges and High Schools, and Corporate Events!

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