What I Do


I am a woman of MANY gifts and talents (transformational life coaching, speaking, entertaining, etc), but the common thread to how I use ALL of them is this: I equip others to live VICTORIOUSLY! That’s it. It has never been enough for me to check off all of my goals and just go on my merry way. I have always had a burden on my heart to help others (women especially) discover their purpose, set God-centered goals, ditch their fears/self-doubt, & be ALL that God has called them to be as well!


As a Certified Master Life Coach, I am trained to assist you in:

  • Finding your life purpose (capitalizing on your skills/talents & life experiences, understanding your God-given personality and making it work for you)

  • Achieving Happiness in everyday life (ditching limiting beliefs/negative patterns)

  • Goal Success (helping you to develop a solid plan to achieve short term or long term goals, staying committed/motivated).

I Believe...

“Once you have a divine revelation of how much God loves you and the fact that we serve the God of ‘more than enough’, then you will realize that you really have NO reason to EVER be jealous of anybody”!

-Nikeya Young, from her book “Virtue Chic: Classy Takes Center Stage”

Each of us is created in the image of God with unique gifts, talents, personalities, etc that God has fashioned in order for us to: serve others and bring Him glory. We are all “one of a kind”! Yes, there may be LOTS of other people who do what you do, but NO ONE is you... and that is your superpower! 


"When I think of Nikeya Young, 3 words come to mind: Virtuous, Loving, and extremely Inspirational.  At SDL Photography's 5-year anniversary, we booked Nikeya as our featured speaker. After she finished her amazing word, all of our guests were so touched, helped and inspired!  I recommend her for any event or life coaching services.  She will create an amazing atmosphere of encouragement and be a blessing to you and your guests!"

Angel Lofton

SDL Photography



Now available for Women's Conferences, Retreats, Panel Discussions, Colleges and High Schools, and Corporate Events!