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Victorious One (album)

Victorious One (album)

Nikeya's debut album "Victorious One" was released on May 28, 2013. The Christian Pop/Hip-Hop/R&B style album was produced by her husband Rodney Young Jr, and all songs were written by Nikeya. The album went on to garner Nikeya a nomination for Best Contemporary Female Vocalist of the Year at the 2014 Chicago Gospel Music Awards, and is STILL receiving airplay eight years after its release!


"This album is one of the best Christian Cd's released this year in 2013. I've been listening to it since purchased in May. Every track is well written, & creatively performed with great beats, & positive lyrics (props to the production crew). Nikeya isn't just singing to fill the digital air or to compliment a refreshing beat. She actually brings a faithful message that is self-image building, mood uplifting, & hope instilling. I mean, It's nice to have great sounds, but it's way better when the writing, & delivery of the message is just as got harmony & a sound mind. Expect tracks serving up some pop, R&B, & mobilizing style music. There's also a great track you can footwork too (this is not old folks music), & an awesome song about Winning (not the Charlie Sheen way though). If you're reading this review just pick it up. The valuable 6 inches between your ears will certainly Thank You!"

-5-star customer review from Giovann Raymond


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